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A collection of useful thoughts to help your research and creation.

These resources are designed to help you re-think, re-contextualise, and re-present your artwork in light of these challenging times.

Image Credit: Madeleine Tichbourne, LAU Degree Show 2019

The task is not to see what has never been seen before, but to think what has never been thought before about what you see every day.

Erwin Schroedinger

Image Credit: Yazmin Grioli, LAU Degree Show 2015

Recent Blog Posts

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Making a Happening

This workshop was designed to question whether it is possible to create the conditions for collective artistic action in a virtual learning environment. Focusing on the rules of Fluxus ‘Happenings’, as outlined by Allan Kaprow (Kaprow 1968), the workshop became an experimental space to re-imagine these rules during a global pandemic. The workshop explored notionsContinue reading “Making a Happening”


The ultimate megastructure is the city Envisioned as an integrated structure, an indivisible unit Or separate places connected, functioning as a single organism or machine. The megastructure brings things together. Distance and time. The space we occupy in the world has now become compressed, reduced, and our points of contact, movement and exchange are takingContinue reading “Megastructures”

Video Editing

Here you’ll find links to some useful videos to help you in all aspects of video editing. Introduction to Video Editing This course on LinkedIn Learning gives you a brief overview of some things you might consider when planning the creation of a video. By clicking on the ‘contents’ tab on the right hand side,Continue reading “Video Editing”

Film, Sound, Exhibitions and Other Inspiration

Below you’ll find a collection of links to some online film archives, sound projects, online exhibition and photography projects, and other sources of inspiration. Hito Steyerl Hito Steyerl is a German filmmaker and artist whose work explores the complexities of the digital world, art, capitalism, and the implications of Artificial Intelligence for society. Her recent artworksContinue reading “Film, Sound, Exhibitions and Other Inspiration”

No Where

In places like universities, where everyone talks too rationally, it is necessary for a kind of enchanter to appear Joseph Beuys We are No Where – a place whose history, site, structure, purpose, contents and inhabitants are no longer functioning in the manner to which it is accustomed. Hidden within the cracks of No Where there is an alternativeContinue reading “No Where”

Adobe Indesign

Here you’ll find some links to some tutorials for the software program Adobe InDesign. InDesign is the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media. InDesign has everything you need to create and publish books, digital magazines, eBooks, posters, interactive PDFs, and more. A LinkedIn Learning course about using this program canContinue reading “Adobe Indesign”

Home As Fortress

Stay at Home! we are reminded daily. In the current uncertain situation, and historically in times of crisis, home as a place of shelter and of safety becomes prominent in the social and cultural imagination. Developing the materiality of children’s den building, and narratives that arise from the domestication of disaster, a group of levelContinue reading “Home As Fortress”

Adobe Illustrator

Here you’ll find some links to some tutorials for the software program Adobe Illustrator. The industry-standard vector graphics software is used by millions of designers and artists to create everything from gorgeous web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging and billboards. Illustrator artwork is vector-based design software, so it can scaleContinue reading “Adobe Illustrator”

3D Sculpture Software

Interested in trying some digital sculpture? Below you’ll find some information about a few free programs that you can try out, and have a bit of fun experimenting with. You can start a sculpture from scratch or find premade models online and alter them. Sculptris Sculptris is a 3D sculpting software developed by Pixologic, and ifContinue reading “3D Sculpture Software”

Photography Basics

Photography is a key consideration for any artist who wants to document their work. After you have your lights set up and ready to go, your next consideration will be your camera setup. You don’t need expensive camera equipment to take good photos, you can often end up with excellent results using the camera onContinue reading “Photography Basics”

Savage Beauty

The city of Galway in Ireland had planned a huge cultural programme for its year as the European Capital of Culture, but now almost all of the events have been cancelled. They have, however, released a video of Savage Beauty by the Finnish artist Kari Kola—one of the most spectacular outdoor light works ever created that wouldContinue reading “Savage Beauty”

Online Collections and Virtual Tours

Museums and Galleries showcase and compile artwork originally designed for physical exhibition, with many of them now offering online collections or virtual tours of their physical spaces. Google Arts and Culture Your first stop for online art tours and resources is definitely Google’s Arts & Culture platform: they have digital documentation of more than 1,200 internationalContinue reading “Online Collections and Virtual Tours”

Restriction, Limitation, and Opportunity

Historically, many artists have embraced forms of restriction, seeking to work within clearly defined limitations, for various ends. Restrictions can be imposed from outside, or else they can form a logical conclusion to a method of working or a train of thought. Practical, ideological, political, social, material, conceptual and aesthetic concerns can and do serveContinue reading “Restriction, Limitation, and Opportunity”

Research Sources / Online Learning

LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning – accessed through eStudio – gives you access to a range ofcourses on software skills: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/me?u=26106650 The eStudio page can be found here: https://estudio.leeds-art.ac.uk/mod/page/view.php?id=23961&forceview=1 OpenAthens The University subscribes to electronic ebooks, journals, magazines, image databases and moving image streaming that can be accessed via your OpenAthens account. Guidance for this isContinue reading “Research Sources / Online Learning”

Lighting at Home

Documentation of your work is at the heart of digital presentation, whether it’s for submission for assessment, or for promotion on your website, or for an exhibition proposal, the quality of your documentation can vastly alter how your work is received. In order to be able to capture the essence of your work, a basicContinue reading “Lighting at Home”

Creative Thought in Action

Unusual alternatives to conventional presentation methods. Here is a small selection of creative projects that have taken a different perspective to conventional presentation methods. Keen On Magazine Keen on Mag is an online magazine that uses web format in an interesting way: http://keenonmag.com/ Studio Diary The Studio Diaries from Daniel & Clara are a series of 100Continue reading “Creative Thought in Action”

Instagram as a Creative Platform

Increasingly, artists and arts organisations use social media to promote and distribute work online. Instagram has become a creative platform for many. Isolation Art School Projects, lessons and tips by artists to help people get creative while housebound during Covid19 crisis, hosted on instagram. https://www.instagram.com/isolationartschool/ Artist Support Pledge The Sussex-based painter Matthew Burrows has comeContinue reading “Instagram as a Creative Platform”

The Internet as Medium

Since the early days of the internet, artists have used it as a platform and creative medium for their work. Net Art Anthology Devised in concert with Rhizome‘s acclaimed digital preservation department, Net Art Anthology aims to address the shortage of historical perspectives on a field in which even the most prominent artworks are often inaccessible.Continue reading “The Internet as Medium”

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